GORE® EMV Dichtungen - GORE® EMV Dichtungen


Gore entwickelt außerdem EMV-Abschirmlösungen für Massenanwendungen in der mobilen Technologie.


EMI Gasket Solutions



GORE-SHIELD® offers EMI shielding effectiveness from low frequency to 40 GHz and works in solutions ranging from snap-together plated plastic shields to plated magnesium housings.




Board Level EMI Shielding Solutions



GORE™ snapSHOT® Board-Level EMI Shield is a revolutionary, multicavity, board-level EMI shielding product for wireless communication devices. The technology consists of a lightweight, metallized plastic shield that is thermoformed to virtually any design, and an innovative attachment mechanism using solder spheres as individual mechanical snap features.




Grounding Pad Solutions
Gore offers a variety of grounding solutions in a range of material sets that offer high electrical conductivity, reliability through harsh conditions, and properties that allow for accommodation of existing design constraints.


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