GORE® Microwellenkabelbaugruppen - GORE® Microwave /RF Cable Assemblies


Gore hat eine breite Palette von bewährten und effizienten Kabelbaugruppen entwickelt, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse der Mikrowellenübertragung zugeschnitten sind.

Gore has developed and proven the effectiveness of a wide range of cable assemblies specifically tailored to the needs of microwave signal transmission. With an unmatched history developing cable assemblies for use in demanding environments, Gore provides the reliable products necessary to meet your individual system requirements.

Microwave / RF Assembly Builder

Configure a microwave / RF assembly and request a quotation. Calculate insertion loss, attenuation, and power handling. View a data sheet for each assembly.




Spaceflight Microwave / RF Cable Assemblies



Gore has been designing solutions for demanding space-flight applications for over three decades.




Microwave - RF Cable Assemblies for Defense Applications



Gore has a variety of microwave / RF cable assemblies designed for the demanding applications of the defense industry.




Blindmate/Push-On Connectors and Adapters
The GORE SMP and SMPM interfaces offer standard, modular solutions with superior RF performance. Gore also offers application specific connector solutions to meet your demanding requirements.





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