GORE® High Data Rate Cable Assemblies - GORE® High Data Rate Cable Assemblies


Kabelbaugruppen für Rückwandplatinen, Flachkabelbaugruppen, Datennetzwerk-E/A-Kabelbaugruppen, Platinenverbindungskabel für hohen Datendurchsatz.

Gore has supplied high bandwidth data links to customers in the telecommunications, networking, computing and automatic test equipment industries for over 40 years. Gore high data rate products offer the widest eye patterns at the greatest distances using industry-standard connectors.



Backplane Cable Assemblies



Gore provides the widest array of industry standard, plug compatible connector configurations for its High Data Rate Copper Cable Assemblies.



Data Networking I/O Cable and Cable Assemblies



Gore data networking I/O cable assemblies provide the highest signal fidelity over the longest distances in the smallest, most routable size.



Flat Cable Assemblies
Gore designs and manufactures shielded and unshielded flat (i.e., ribbon) cable assemblies for a variety of purposes, including system-to-system and board-to-board applications.
Board-to-Board Interconnects
Gore offers high data rate digital cable assemblies that handle signal data rates up to 10 GHz with increased packaging density.



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