Samsung Amps Up Loudspeaker Designs with Simulation

12.08.2019 |

Comsol visited the Samsung Audio Lab to learn about how they use multiphysics simulation, modeling, and applications to develop loudspeakers and other audio products. Simulation is an important part of loudspeaker design, as it allows you to account for the inherent nonlinearities involved in acoustics and to examine all of the physical effects simultaneously. To get accurate and reliable results, it's crucial to validate simulation results with testing. At Samsung, the simulation engineer develops an optimized design. The loudspeaker is then tested in anechoic chambers and through blind listening tests. Another unique aspect of the Samsung Audio Lab is that simulation, development, and testing all take place under one roof. In addition, simulation applications help the team collaborate effort effectively. That's why Samsung uses COMSOL Multiphysics to develop loudspeaker designs. Learn all about it in this video…

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