BU1511KV2 - Energy-saving High Performance Standalone Drive Recorder IC


ROHM Semiconductor GmbH has announced the development of the BU1511KV2 designed for drive recorders in both the consumer and commercial markets.

In recent years there has been an expansion in the utilization of drive recorders not only for automobile diagnostics and accident situations but also as support equipment to promote safer driving and greater efficiency by recording and analyzing operating conditions and driving behavior. This has been proven to reduce accident rates 10-50 while improving fuel efficiency by up to 20 for reduced CO2 in commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks and taxis. (Please refer to the attached ‘Market Forecast for Drive Recorders.’)
The cost of a commercially available standard drive recorder is relatively expensive and a separate PC is necessary in order to utilize the recorded data. This takes time and labor, and is believed to be the major roadblock preventing widespread adoption in consumer vehicles. In response to this, ROHM has developed a monolithic drive recorder IC featuring high performance operation and standalone capability (PC not required).
The new product integrates an interface for a camera, SD card, acceleration sensor and GPS module. A ARM9 processor is also built-in that allows programs to be downloaded serially and processed, eliminating the need for relatively expensive external Flash memory. In addition, independent hardware-based high performance JPEG/ADPCM CODECs and SD card controllers reduce processing load, making it possible to write audio and video data directly to an SD card, rendering external buffer RAM unnecessary. This not only reduces costs significantly but enables standalone operation without a PC.