MPS MA732: 9-14 bit ABZ-Winkelgeber mit einstellbarem Filter


MA732: 8 - 14 bit Adjustable Filter ABZ Angle Sensor

MPS MA732 magnetic sensor
MPS MA732 block diagram
MPS MA732 application
MPS MA732 pinning
MPS MA7xx Family
MPS MA732 Eval Board EVKT732-KNOB

8 - 14 bit Adjustable Filter ABZ Angle Sensor

The MagAlpha MA732 features programmable digital filter bandwidths and ABZ interface hysteresis settings so that the user can optimise the sensor to meet the dynamic response needs of different types of control loop. Loop response time can be traded against angle resolution, start up time and ABZ pulse count to match different system types. An example application could be to support a higher ABZ pulse count of up to 1024 pulses per channel compared to the 256 found in the MA702. Example MA732 applications include position or speed encoders in brushless DC servo motor or actuators.

Accurate angle sensing at speeds from 0 to 60k RPM is supported. SPI, SSI, ABZ and PWM interfaces are provided. End and side-shaft magnet topology is supported.

Technical Data:

Part Unit MA732

 Adjustable Filter ABZ Angle Sensor

Effective angle resolution bit 8 ... 14
Dynamic response   medium ... high
Magnetic field range  


Zero setting   x
Side shaft compensation   x
Adjustable direction   x
SPI register configuration   x
Absolute angle on SPI  bit 8 ... 14
ABZ incremental   x
ABZ resolution ppr 1024
Adjustable Z pulse   x
PWM output   x
PWM resolution   -
Magnetic field monitoring   x