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Formnext 2021 - Be part of the fAMily!

Additive manufacturing is a passion where a wide range of expertise comes together to create an even greater variety of possibilities. AM makes the impossible possible, and every fAMily member is helping to shape the future of industrial manufacturing. Become a part of this inspiring community and enrich your own work and the Formnext fAMily as a whole. Credits: 3D data was provided by Siemens AG, Germany. 3D printed insoles were provided by Materialise Phits, Belgium. Clothes and earrings were provided by Alexis Walsh (Designer) and Justin Hattendorf (Designer), NYC, USA. Dress was provided by Julia Daviy, (designer and CEO of New Age Lab), Los Angeles, USA. Glasses from Uniti collection were provided by Hoya Vision Care and Materialise, Netherlands and Belgium. Grid based design object was provided by voxeljet AG, Germany. Skateboard axle was provided by Alan Hatlapa (Product Design & Research), Moritz Neuner (CAD Assistance), Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany.