ESE Kongress 2014 Keynote

Jack Ganssle: The Way Ahead in Software Engineering

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ESE Kongress 2014 Keynote

Jack Ganssle: The Way Ahead in Software Engineering

What does the future (say, 5-10 years) of the embedded space look like from a hardware perspective, and what does that mean for the firmware?

On ESE Kongress 2014 ( Jack will talk about the current problems in producing quality code for a reasonable price, and what has to change to keep up with what the future will demand of embedded software engineers.

Jack Ganssle in an internationally-recognized embedded systems engineer, author and speaker. He designed some of the very first embedded systems. He started three high tech companies, built or managed the development of over 100 embedded systems, and now advises companies, lectures, and writes about embedded systems.

He was the only embedded person on NASA's Super Problem Resolution Team, created by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board to harness the expertise of highly-respected people from outside the agency. He has worked on many classified government projects and has held various clearances, including Top Secret/Special Intelligence.
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