Computer to brain interface First telekinetic app for Google Glass

Redakteur: Eilyn Dommel

The first Google Glass application that enables people to control the wearable device using their mind has been launched. MindRDR is a new free open source app which bridges the Neurosky biosensor and Google Glass.

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The Neurosky biosensor (above) connects on the MindRDR app to Google Glass.
The Neurosky biosensor (above) connects on the MindRDR app to Google Glass.
(Image source: This Place)

MindRDR enables the Neurosky EEG biosensor – which measures brainwaves to translate brain activity into action – to communicate with Google Glass directly. This allows users to control actions on the device by simply concentrating and relaxing.

MindRDR’s visual feedback is represented by a horizontal line that sits in the middle of the screen, which moves closer to the top of the screen the more users concentrate. The more they relax the further down the screen the line goes. Once the line reaches the top of the screen, Google Glass takes the photo. At the next screen users either concentrate to move the line to the top of the screen and share it, or relax to move the line to the bottom to discard the image and take another photo.

Chloe Kirton, creative director at This Place, says: “While MindRDR’s current capabilities are limited to taking and sharing an image, the possibilities of Google Glass telekinesis are vast. In the future, MindRDR could give those with conditions like locked-in syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia the opportunity to interact with the wider world through wearable technology like Google Glass. This Place is already in conversations with Professor Stephen Hawking, amongst others, about the possibilities MindRDR could bring as the product evolves.”

Dusan Hamlin, founder and CEO of This Place, says: “As a user experience company we’re constantly improving the way people interact with technology. Imagine a world where you can interact with wearable devices just by thinking about the content you want. That’s the world we’re building, and we’re just getting started. To help kick-start this revolution we’ve open sourced our MindRDR software. From today, we’re letting developers across the world to build on MindRDR so everyone can contribute to this incredibly exciting field.”

To receive the free app, please visit the MindRDR GitHub page.