White Paper on Static Anaylsis

Making Safety-Critical SW Development Affordable

With the growing reliance on software, the code size for safety-critical software has skyrocketed. This paper describes how to use static analysis tools to tackle the growing software affordability concern. lesen

Embedded Software Design

Best Practices for Static Analysis

This paper reviews a number of the growing complexities that embedded software development teams are facing. lesen

Power Distribution Systems

Control the Voltage of a Remote Load Over Any Length

A common problem in power distribution systems is loss of regulation due to the cable/wire voltage drop between the regulator and the load. This article shows how the LT6110 can improve regulation by compensating for a wide range of regulator-to-load voltage drops. lesen

Power and Protection

10A µModule Step-Down Regulator with Input and Load Protection

The LTM4641 µModule regulator monitors Input voltage, output voltage and temperature conditions. It can provide comprehensive electrical and thermal protection from excessive voltage stress for loads such as processors, ASICs and high end FPGAs. lesen

Dual Phase Buck Controller

High Density 1.2V/60A Supply with Submilliohm DCR Sensing

Designers of low output voltage rails for communication, networking, server and industrial systems are challenged to achieve greater load currents and higher efficiency in diminishing board space. The LTC3774 dual output buck controller eases this burden. lesen

Serial Output ADC

Driver for 14-Bit, 4.5Msps ADC Operates Over a Wide Gain Range

The driver presented here is characterized over a range of gains, sampling frequencies and input frequencies to establish its application suitability. lesen

Power Supplies

Monolithic No-Opto Isolated Flyback Converter Provides Versatile Solution

Traditionally, isolated power supplies use an optocoupler in the feedback loop to transfer Regulation information across the isolation barrier. Unfortunately, an opto-coupler’s gain characteristic varies widely over temperature and lifetime, increasing the difficulty of power supply loop compensation. lesen

Digital Power System Management

Dual 13A µModule Regulator for Remote Monitoring & Control of Power

Managing power and implementing flexibility in a high rail count circuit board can be challenging, requiring hands-on probing with digital voltmeters and oscilloscopes, and often rework of PCB components. lesen

Inverting DC/DC Controller

Convert a Positive Input to a Negative Output with a Single Inductor

There are several ways to produce a negative voltage from a positive voltage source, including using a transformer or two inductors and/or multiple switches. However, none are as easy as using the LTC 3863. lesen

80V Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller

Delivers Hundreds of Watts with 99% Efficiency

The LT8705 buck-boost controller IC can deliver hundreds of watts with high efficiency for constant voltage or constant current applications from wide-ranging inputs up to 80V. lesen

Driver Circuit Design Note

Generating a ±10.24V True Bipolar Input for an 18-Bit, 1Msps SAR ADC

The LTC2338-18, with its large true bipolar input voltage range and resistive input, greatly simplifies the task of driving an 18-bit fully differential SAR ADC. Using the simple driver circuit presented here, consisting of only a dual precision op amp and two resistors, it is possible to maintain the good AC and DC specifications of this ADC. lesen

Industrial Power Supply

High Voltage Input and Yields from Eight 1A to Two 4A Outputs

The LTC3375 highly configurable multioutput step-down power converter offers the features often required by industrial electronics while providing the flexibility to configure various outputs with maximum currents. lesen

Video Surveillance

Active Bridge Rectifiers Reduce Heat Dissipation within PoE Security Cameras

Power over Ethernet (PoE) has been embraced by the video surveillance industry as a solution to an age-old problem: complicated cabling. For instance, a basic, traditional fixed-view security camera requires two cables: one for power, and a separate, coax cable for the video signal. With PoE, a single Ethernet cable carries both video data and power. Everything is simplified. Right? lesen

36V Input, Low Output Noise

5A µModule Regulator for Precision Data Acquisition Systems

Low output noise, fast transient response and high efficiency are just a few of the stringent power supply demands made by applications featuring high data rate FPGA I/O channels and high bit count data converters. The power supply designer faces the difficult task of meeting all of these requirements with as few components as possible, since no single topology easily meets all three. lesen

High Performance

Single Phase DC/DC Controller with Power System Management

The LTC3883 is a single phase synchronous stepdown DC/DC controller featuring a PMBus interface for digital control and monitoring of key regulator parameters. lesen

Design Note

42V Quad Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with 30µA Quiescent Current

Industrial and automotive applications require robust, easy-to-use, compact DC/DC converters to produce a variety of low voltage power supplies. lesen

Design Note

Micropower Op Amp Drives 8-Channel 18-Bit Simultaneous Sampling ADC

The op amps used to drive 18-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) typically draw as much supply current as the ADC itself, often with a maximum offset spec that is well above that of the ADC. lesen

Design Note

Determine Balancing Current for the LTC3305 Lead-Acid Battery Balancer

The LTC 3305 is a lead-acid battery balancer that uses an auxiliary battery or an alternative storage cell (AUX) to transfer charge to and from individual batteries within a series-connected stack. lesen


10 Schritte zur Optimierung der Softwarelizenzumsätze

Erhalten Sie Einblick in ein praxisbewährtes strategisches Transformationsprogramm hin zu erfolgreichen softwareorientierten Geschäftsmodellen, auf Basis der Erfahrung führender Technologiehersteller. lesen