EBV Elektronik introduces EBVchip Heracles

Redakteur: Margit Kuther

EBV Elektronik to cooperate with Orange Wholesale France providing a module with access to secure and reliable cellular connectivity across extensive geographical area.

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EBVchip Heracles: Heracles is a new module including pre-paid cellular connectivity
EBVchip Heracles: Heracles is a new module including pre-paid cellular connectivity
(Bild: EBV)

EBV Elektronik launched within its EBVchips program and in cooperation with Orange Wholesale France, the partnership’s first innovative solution, a ready-to-use connected module named Heracles.

Heracles embeds a complete quad-band GSM/GPRS module and a built-in SIM card with pre-paid 2G data plan included. It provides coverage and seamless access to Orange’s secure and reliable best-in-class cellular network and tier one roaming networks across 33 countries in Europe.

This prepaid all-in-one connected module presents a predictable cost-efficient solution for the object makers. By pre-integrating the connectivity at the electronic design stage, the design and manufacturing process is greatly simplified for object makers. Certified by Orange, it offers four sizes of ‘off the shelf’ pre-paid data plans, starting at 10MB to cover objects for the lifetime or long-term usage.

The solution is ideal for any manufacturer of connected objects from start-ups to major companies, for a large range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications including automotive, tracking, metering, industry and wearables, and for indoor or outdoor uses. With its compact size of 15.8 x 17.8 x 2.4mm, this module offers a miniaturized solution ideal for ultra-compact designs and low power systems.

“By designing a best-in-class module and in cooperation with Orange we can provide a connectivity package to our customers that fits their needs and applications regarding data transmission ranging from simple location tracking up to the various IoT applications,” explains Dr. Eckart Voskamp, Director Product Innovations, EBV Elektronik. “We are thrilled to offer our customers this pre-paid and pre-packaged solution within our EBVchips program.”

“The global Internet of Things market has tremendous growth potential. With this first ready-to-integrate pre-packaged offer, we expect we’ll see designers and object makers launching new connected objects, many of which we may not have even considered yet!” added Nayla Khawam, Executive Vice President, Orange Wholesale France.