Display Technology Color Sensor for Mobile Devices Improves Accuracy

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TCS3490 intelligent color sensor’s accurate measurement of color temperature and ambient light intensity enables sophisticated display color management control for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and digital still cameras

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The TCS3490 device provides optimal display management and is capable of identifying different light-source types.
The TCS3490 device provides optimal display management and is capable of identifying different light-source types.
(Image source: ams)

The TCS3490, a color sensor for portable devices which is ideally suited for light source detection when operating under a wide range of light sources was released by ams this week. Providing accurate color and light intensity measurements, the TCS3490 enables designers of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets to implement more sophisticated display management and brightness control.

TCS3490 Block Diagram
TCS3490 Block Diagram
(Image source: ams)
This integrated five-channel color sensor has extremely accurate measurements of the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of light. As sensors continue to proliferate in today’s mobile electronics market, manufacturers of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops can use these measurements to dynamically adapt the display’s color palette to provide the user with a superior viewing experience.

In addition to the traditional red, green and blue (RGB) color sensor channels, included is a dedicated infra-red (IR) measurement channel for the reliable detection of the IR signature of ambient light sources. This enables stand-alone cameras and smartphones to adjust the color temperature of the flash to produce better photographs in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Color measurements are affected by changes in the IR content of the light, so a passband clear (C) channel photo-diode is included to provide a direct measurement reference for mathematically subtracting unwanted residual IR energy. An integrated IR blocking filter over the RGBC photo-diodes minimizes IR spectral component effects, and this also helps to improve color accuracy measurements.

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Price & availability:

The color sensor TCS3490 is available in a 2.0mm x 2.4mm Dual Flat No-Lead package and is shipping in production volumes today. It is priced at $1.40 for 1,000 pieces.

A demonstration board for the TCS3490 is available online from ams. For further information on the TCS3490 and to request samples, please visit www.ams.com

The fifth IR channel is sensitive to IR light in the spectrum 700nm – 1,100nm. Since every light source has its own spectral fingerprint, with known proportions of ultra-violet (UV), RGB and IR light, a system can identify the light source in the user’s vicinity by measuring the IR-to-C and Red-to-C channel ratios and applying a detection algorithm to the measurements. In smartphone camera applications and digital still cameras, this ability to reliably detect the light source enables the white-balancing settings in a camera’s or smartphone’s flash to be optimized, resulting in improved picture quality.

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