PCIM News Analog Devices breaks through the digital barrier

Autor / Redakteur: Frederik Dostal / Siegfried Best

While Analog Devices had digital power management solutions for isolated power supplies and power factor correction available in the past, the offerings are now extending to even more sophisticated solutions.

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(Image Source: Analog Devices)

The newly released ADP1055 is a digital controller to drive up to 6 PWM channels. It is intended for isolated power supplies. The resolution of the PWM channels is now 625ps, allowing for very precise control of power switches. Also it offers accurate telemetry and diagnostics including a ‘black-box’ functionality. If something ever goes wrong in the power supply, the events before the failure can be stored in the integrated EEPROM. The general concept of ‘digital’ by Analog Devices is to employ a robust hardware state machine which offers flexibility of digital control without the pain of complex programming or troublesome requalification once functions are changed. The state machine’s registers are set via an easy to use and free of charge graphical user interface.

Also new this year is AECQ-100 automotive qualified versions of the ADP1046 digital power management solution. It is ideal for automotive DC to DC converter applications such as used in electric, hybrid or even standard vehicles.

Last but not least, the digital power concept with the state machine can also be used to control digital power factor correction (PFC) applications both in automotive and industrial environments. The ADP1047 digital PFC controller offers telemetry for single phase systems in a standard boost topology, in interleaved topology to reduce the size and cost of external components and also in bridgeless topology to increase power efficiency. The same device can also be used for single switch AC side inductor three phase systems.

All these advances in the digital power management offerings truly break through the digital barrier.

* Frederik Dostal is working in the Power Management Business Development Europe for Analog Devices